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Get/Change ASI_MSTR_Explorer_Favorites

Lpeters asked 8 years ago
We are starting w/s setup and now, we have the following:

"a get/change operation on table "ASI_MSTR_Explorer_Favorites failed accessing SQl Data.  Number of results columns doesn't match table definition"

This is a GP Smartlist Builder to eOne Smartlist Builder install.  I had no issues on the SQL server so not sure if it is a permissions issue. 

I did use maintenance to drop/create, etc thinking that might correct but didn't.

Thank you.
Lpeters replied 8 years ago

Add'l information – SLB Version 12.00.0068

I am unable to register the product andI have a seperate forum post on that issue so unsure if that is the cause of the issue.

It is slowing down w/s setup and no matter what I have tried nothing works.

This is GP 2013 SP2 installation NOT R2.

Thank you.

Best Answer
Lpeters answered 8 years ago
Figured it out…was the order of installation.  Needed to do this install last.

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