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Get data from GP so that exsisting data is not over writen using create/update nodes.

Jeanne Allan asked 8 years ago
Rather than overwrite a value I don’t want to change – can I get the value from GP?
How exactly would this be set up?
As an example, say I wanted an items “description” from GP.
Best Answer
Arthur answered 8 years ago
I use the msql lookups, it is quite useful especially if you want users to be able to upload changes to ETA’s etc without adding new lines for example.
Jeanne replied 8 years ago

Thank you very much!

Thank You!
That sounds like it would work….
So in my example above…., if I were adding a new piece of information to every items inventory record – UDF1 for example – and the items and the description field were required I could use the lookup to return the current data to the required fields for existing items, but not accidentally create a new item if I had a typo in the item number, as the item would not be found I could just reject the record…..

Arthur replied 8 years ago

yes that sounds right

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