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General Ledger Integration with separate header and footer lines

Joyce VanJura asked 6 years ago
Joyce VanJura replied 6 years ago

Sorry – missed filling out the description when I submitted.

My issue is that all the samples I’ve seen show one line header/footer records for GL journal entry integration. I have a pipe-delimited text file with separate header and detail lines. I’ve used the multi-data source feature and created two select statements and joined them on the key field which is the batch number. For some reason it is bringing the same journal entry in twice. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
You don’t give any detail of your question other than the forum subject line.
And I would also suspect that your statement “separate header and footer lines” really means “separate header and footer files“.
Assuming so, then the answer is “yes” – a couple different ways.
You could use an ODBC Query on both files to join them into one SQL query results that you would process.
Or you could use a multi-data source and two text files and let SC join them together for you.
Joyce VanJura replied 6 years ago

I added a comment after I realized I forgot to put in a description. I’m getting duplicate Journal Entries and not sure why.

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