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Further Enhancement to Multicompany Installations

David Morinello asked 4 years ago
I am testing upgrading GP 2018 and all of our 3rd party updates. The Extender 18.00.0030 install takes quite a while to complete with 38 companies, one at a time. 
May I suggest a further enhancement to add a Mark all? I understand it is improved from earlier versions, but still needs improvement. 
On production rollout night, we will have to tie up one resource for close to two hours doing nothing but watch this, clicking as needed. The idea for production rollout is to minimize the update window so we can get back to operational status quicker. Many customers installing or upgrading Extender will have the same concerns.
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 4 years ago
This Feature Request is under consideration and will be looked at further to implement in Extender.
Beat Bucher replied 4 years ago

I’m fully supporting David Morinello in this request.. I’ve routinely to upgrade GP configuration with several dozen GP companies and this is a real PITA to have to go thru every single company to process the table upgrade.. Over the course of a typical upgrade, the client might want to have a data refresh once or twice during the UAT.. redoing the entire GP Utilities upgrade is OK, as it’s quite an unattended process, but several ISV products needs to be baby-sited to proceed with the product table upgrades.. Luckily most of them support a multi-company selection for the upgrade process, but Extender is one of those that doesn’t.. 🙁

Nicole Albertson Staff answered 3 years ago
I wanted to update this request as it was implemented in our October release of Extender for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  It is in Build 18.02.0050.
David answered 3 years ago
Thank you for the update!

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