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Full Fail Option

Jody asked 4 years ago
This is a suggestion for a checkbox feature for map failure. Some of the maps I have are fine with the native SmartConnect functionality of sending all of the records that it can send to [target application] while failing the remaining records, allowing them to be edited and re-submitted. However, a large portion of the maps I build need to be an “all or nothing” upload. I currently accomplish this with data validation and writing custom SQL code to evaluate the records (executed as a Map Pre Task) and then create a SQL error, causing the SC map to fail and then either handle failure notification emails through SC or SQL, whichever seems to fit the bill for the specific customization.

Inevitably, there is always something that SC requires to pass the data that I have not accounted for in my evaluation script and the script needs to be updated at a later date. 
It might be nice if there were a checkbox or an option set to allow a map creator to select whether to allow failures at the record level or force a failure at the map level if failure at the record level is imminent.
Sure this is a somewhat lazy approach, but that’s what automation is all about, right? 😉 Conversely, it might give less technical map creators an option for handling/evaluating the data without a lot of customized SQL script.
Just a thought. Until then, I’ll continue with my Pre-map SQL. 🙂 
Dawn Prigmore replied 4 years ago

I’ll second this request, on behalf of a couple of different customers.

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