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Fulfillment Orders

vwxg14a asked 10 years ago
We are using Smartconnect 2012 and have no problem importing Invoices.

We are using fulfillment orders and we cannot import into GP.  

If I leave the Create Sales Transaction as Fulfillment, I get an error if the add line item is set to fulfillment.

The error is: Error Number =55 Stored proceduer taSopLineIvcInsert
Error Description= DOCID does not exist for the SOP Fulfillment Type document or the DOCID does not have work flow enabled set to true in SOP Setup (SOP40200).

I do have the docid set to Fullment=True and strangely, when I switch the add line item to invoice, it does get posted as an invoice to the sop10200 table, but doesn't match the sop10100 which ends up as fulfillement order. 

David replied 10 years ago

Here is what the actual eConnect code is checking when it returns that error.

if ((@I_vSOPTYPE = 6) and (not exists(select 1 from SOP40200 (nolock) where DOCID = @I_vDOCID and SOPTYPE = 3 and WORKFLOWENABLED = 1)))  

So it's saying if you have work flow enabled and the document you are importing is a fulfillment order and there is not a Invoice record in the SOP40200 using the document ID you are importing, then return this error. 

So somehow it's not finding a match in the SOP40200 for the document you are importing. 

If you need additional assistance troubleshooting the issue, you would need to open a case with



vwxg14a replied 10 years ago

I had found the answer (which the program should make a default).

On orders/Invoices, the detail record (line) doesn't require docid field to work.  But for Fulfillment orders it does require it.  Since the Docid field was buried in the list and the error was ambiguous, I thought it had to do with setup of the DocID field not that it wasn't listed.  

With DocId populated on both the Header/Footer it works perfectly.

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