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Fulfill order how to set EntityReference

Andriy asked 5 years ago
I am using SmartConnect version
Now, I am trying to fulfill the order from GP to CRM (bulk map). Close Order in fulfill requires EntityReference in order to do this. I am able to create EntityLookup but, it seems there no easy way to define the EntityReference. How can this be done?
Andriy replied 5 years ago

For those who interested, I was able to create EntityReference by using Multi Data Source. However this does not help to fulfill the order. I am constantly getting error: Required field ‘OrderClose’ is missing. Anyone has advice or suggestion on what could be wrong?

Audrey replied 5 years ago

I have been having this same issue. Been working on it all day. I believe it has something to do with Order. I believe two entities need to be mapped, sales order and orderclose. OrderClose needs a new record (activityid) to close (fulfill) the sales order, but I think you need one for the other and vice versa. This is what my map looks like:
Sales Order Entity – (advanced mapping) – Order – Fulfill an order
Additional Column, Column Set – Mapped to Order Close – Order Close
Map: Order Close > Additional Column Set (above)
Status Reason >Complete
Order Close Entity – Order Close
Additional Column, Entity Lookup – Where SalesOrderID = Reference in source data
Map: Order >Entity Lookup column (above)
Is Workflow Created> True

I am pretty new to Smart Connect, so I am open to other ideas. You can only run the native workflow in CRM for up to 250 records, and I need to update 6K+.

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