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Folder Source Trigger

Angel asked 9 years ago
This is my story: I created a map with a Folder Source to create inventory items in GP. It’s working just fine, it has the Create Real-Time check box checked. Then, I created a similar map to create Purchase Orders in GP, this one works fine if run manually, but the real-time trigger is not working. This is the issue: either I check or uncheck the “Create Real-Time Trigger” check box, the one that’s working keep running, even with check box unchecked, and the one that is not running keeps inactive, even having the check box checked. I have restarted SmartConnect services on the server, but for some reason the real-time triggers for both folder source maps won’t update. We’re running GP 2013 on SQL 2012 and SmartConnect Any suggestions?
Best Answer
Angel answered 9 years ago
After restarting the SmartConnect Windows Service, all Real time folder data sources are working fine. For some reason the Real time folder data sources were not been registered by the windows service. Hope this helps anybody else.

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