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Folder Source File Issue

Mhuff asked 9 years ago
I am writing a map to use the folder source, so that when the end user saves the file, the map will run. 

The problem I am running into is that the source file is ONLY available in Tab delimited, Fixed Length, or Pipe Delimited. 

I need a way to either alter the file to CSV to be able to use the folder option, or another way to have the map run automatically. 

Opening the file in Excel and then saving is not a good option for me, as that increases the user interaction, and ability to create errors/audit trail issues. 

Any Suggestions? 
Best Answer
lorren answered 9 years ago
What version of SmartConnect are you using?  Version allows you to set the schema file to use CSV or Tab Delimited.  Also, the Schema.ini file can be modified manually to fit the delimiter you are using.

Here is a link to how the schema.ini file works.

Mhuff replied 9 years ago

Still not working. 

I am using an exact copy of the template file for the source file, but when I run the map, it says "No Data was returned from the data source"

Schema validates against the template. 

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