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Folder Data Source

tvargason asked 8 years ago
Hi – I have a folder data source mapping setup and whenever I add 1 file to the folder it works perfect.  When I add more than 1 file to the folder, it will run the first one perfect, but then ignore the rest of the files and just move them to completed without doing anything with them.  What am I doing wrong, or do I have to move multiple files 1 at a time for this?  
lorren replied 8 years ago

When you run the integration the folder data source will grab all of the files that are in the source folder that match the template file and then import them in one process. Basically it will combine all of the file data into one dataset to be processed.

Then if that run is successful, it will move all of the files to success or failure.

Is your key field possibly combing the data together to only create one record?


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