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Folder Data Source with Real Time Trigger Not Working

Taibe Juni asked 7 years ago
I have a map set up for importing vendor invoices to GP. The source is a folder data source with “Create real time trigger” checked. The destination is Great Plains. I’m finding that sometimes, when a file is put into the source folder, the map does not run. Can anyone suggest why that might happen and what to do about it?
Chris Hanson answered 7 years ago
For the Real Time option on the folder data source, it has additional conditions that need to be met. For the folder source it needs to be on a local drive and the SmartConnect windows service needs to be installed on that machine where the folder path is as well. If those are both met then the real time option should be executing consistently.
If those requirements can’t be met, the more common option is to schedule a folder source map. You can set it to run every couple minutes, and set the option within the map to report a success if no data is found for any attempted run before a file is dropped in there.
Taibe Juni replied 7 years ago

Thank you. Both of those requirements were met but it turned out to be a security issue. Apparently the “Log On As” user for the Windows Service did not have adequate permissions. I’m still not sure exactly which permissions were missing since that user was able to run the map manually but I changed the “Log On As” user to a different one and the real-time trigger started working again.

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