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folder data source with real time trigger not working

Sherry Whitten asked 5 years ago
 I created a map with a folder data source with real time trigger marked.  I am logged on as an admin of the machine I’m using.  My template and source file folders are on the C drive of the local machine (C:\integrationstest\submit and c:\integrationstest\template and C:\integrationstest\submit\success and C:\integrationstest\submit\failure ).  The service is running on this machine.  (I stopped the smartconnect service on the other machine where it runs and restarted it on this machine, for good measure.)   I confirmed that my user has full rights to those folders.  I can run the map manually just fine.  But when I drop a source file into the submit folder, it is not picking it up and running it.
I have met every requirement I can find listed for this work, but it’s not 🙁  Thanks in advance.
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello Sherry,
The real time folder data source doesn’t work in the current releases of SmartConnect. We recommend you schedule the map instead, because this functionality works.

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