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Folder data source issue

Russell Nash asked 2 years ago
I setup a folder source import with a template file call template.txt and  was using it to import .csv file..
For some reason it imported my csv file and template file also !    I did not notice till second import and thats where I discover the template file in the success folder..  am I setting something up wrong ? 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
Your template folder and source folder (or success/fail folder) should not be the same folder.
SC will read ANY file inside \Source folder and process it.
So you’d want to make a “Template” folder and put your template file there and then map to it as the template file.  I would re-double check that your schema is ok by pressing the “Create Schema” button.  But assuming you rename your template file back again (if necessary) it should be ok.
Russell Nash answered 2 years ago
Thats very interesting, on my test workstation, it does not do that!  on the production server, it does..  that makes total sense..  I will try it now

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