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Folder Data Source in

Alyson Van Alstyne asked 10 years ago
I was able to successfully create integrations with Folder Datasourcs in version, but not in

I have tested the file to make sure that the data comes in if it is a text file, but as soon as I set it as a folder data source, the integration doesnt seem to recognize the schema and because of that, everything fails. 

Is there anyone who has tested this and is there a special sequence you need to follow when setting this up in the new version?

This is kind of an emergency.

Thanks, any and all help is appreciated!
Ruaan Jonker replied 10 years ago

Hi Alyson

Yes we have tested this and have it running at multiple customers successfully.
Can you tell me what error or errors you are getting when you run these maps?


Alyson Van Alstyne replied 10 years ago

It seems to be a permissions error, as I heard back from one of the suppor engineers.  I was able to get several folder data source integrations working, but I have one hold out.

The folder data source maps (I think) delete and recreate the schema.ini file..
Using the same source folder and file, If I create the map as a text data source, the schema.ini file gets created correctly…and the map runs successfully.  If  I then change the type to a folder data source, point to the same file as the template, and use the same directories as I JUST ran successfully, the schema does not create…
so you get mapping issues with incorrect datatypes…

My permissions are full control as are the econnect for the directory.  It makes no sense, that all my other folder maps work and this one doesnt. 

sid jayawardena replied 9 years ago

Was this ever resolved or worked around? I am getting the same issue with SC

Best Answer
sid jayawardena answered 9 years ago
eOne support told me that this was resolved in
Alyson Van Alstyne replied 9 years ago

I no longer have any problems with Folder sources once I upgraded to the very latest version of SmartConnect. 

I believe there was something very wrong with either the installation or something corrupted the Smartconnect database, because Updating was a nightmare …my maps exported but were not able to import.  I had to recreate almost every one.  I was lucky and had a separate environment with the original maps that I was able to export the maps from…again…the production environment had some definite problems.

But afterwards, things are running very well, Including emailing from the scheuduled Folder sources!  

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