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Folder Data Source Duplicate records from the source

oscar87 asked 8 years ago

I have a integration where the source is XMLQuery with Folder Data Source but have noticed SmartConnect 2014 is duplicate the records read and making the file go to the Failure folder that is because I have constraints on a table where it writes too.

Work fines if I have Update Existing on the destination and that not what I want to select. 

What am I missing or is this a bug with SmartConnect 2014 XMLQuery and FolderData Source.
oscar87 replied 8 years ago

Works fine on SmartConnect 2012.

Please let me know what you need from me so this addressed/fixed in SmartConnect 2014. It’s critical we get this working for our client soon.


Mark replied 8 years ago

If this is a critical issue, you should contact our support team directly via email at for a better response time. I would recommend you export the map you are using and the XML file and include that in the email to us. We could then review what you are trying to do to track down the issue quicker.

Let us know and we can help you out.

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