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Folder Data Source – Doubling record count – failing on half

Sherry Whitten asked 4 years ago
I have a map that uses a Folder Data Source (with a template file).  The template file has only the headers in it.  I am submitting ONE source file with five rows (five customers).  When I run the map, it tells me 10 records processed.  5 are successfully imported into my custom table (destination) as designed.  The other five generate errors saying Processing failed for data rows matching CUSTNMBR = ‘XXXXX’.  
I don’t know what’s causing it to think there are 10 records.  The map is set to update existing.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 4 years ago
Sherry, you have multiple companies or organizations or databases selected on the destination.
Sherry Whitten replied 4 years ago

Lorren – Thanks for your prompt reply. That was exactly the problem. Resolved and working great.

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