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fn.PROPER C++ function turns 'west' into 'WeSt'

Christina asked 6 years ago
This is a canned function in SmartConnect.  It is supposed to turn anything into the title (proper) case (first letter uppercase and the rest of the word lowercase)
When it encounters the word ‘west’, it turns it into WeSt. 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
I tested this on using a script.
dim s as string “west”
MessageBox.Show( fn.PROPER(s))
This shows “West” as we’d expect.
The only thing I can see how this might happens is if truly your data was really “we st” where we’d get the results of “We St” but there would be a space in there.
You might check the length of your field in the code to see if you notice anything “funny” about the source data. (s.length)
Mine shows 4 characters before and after conversion.

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