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Flat Dollar Pay Not Working

Brad asked 4 years ago
With integration manager when we paid a flat dollar amount to an appropriate pay code (in this case VVFLAT type Other) it would treat it as a total amount, the same file imported by smartconnect drops it and it shows up in the batch as $0.00.
The column UNITS is passed as hours when the pay code is a rate x unit, but in the case of VVFLAT it is a fixed amount and should pass as $50. Below is sample csv file for one employee. The first line shows up in the batch VVFLAT $0.00, but the 2nd is fine 10.17 hours x their rate. When previewed the 50 shows up.
“TIPC”,”VVFLAT”,”50″,””,””,”VALLEY VIEW SHOP”,”12/2/2018″,”12/15/2018″,”ARPCO”
“TIPC”,”HOURLY”,”10.17″,””,””,”VALLEY VIEW SHOP”,”12/3/2018″,”12/15/2018″,”ARPCO”

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