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Sherry asked 9 years ago
I have a source file for SOP Transactions that has blank customer numbers for some of the documents.  When I run the map, these rows do NOT show up in SmartConnect Process Errors when I click Fix so I can fix them and re-run just the fix file.  We need to be able to insert the Customer ID and re-submit from here without having to touch the source file.  Why don't they show up?  The user manual says "The window contains each of the data source lines that gave rise to the processing errors experienced during the map run" so I would expect all errors to be in here and available for correction.  Thanks in advance.
lorren replied 9 years ago

What is your key value or what are you grouping on for the map?  Is the customer number part of the key or group?  What is your data source for the map?

Best Answer
Sherry answered 9 years ago
Lorren,  I had two key values – document number and customer number.  I determined I really only needed one.  So I removed Customer Number as a key field and also from all group bys.  That allows me to fix that field in the Fix screen.  Thanks.

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