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Filters with Folder Source

Bill Brennan asked 9 years ago
I am setting up SC 2013 on a GP2013 test box and I really like the folder data source functionality. We have some EDI feeds that come in during the night and it seems to be a perfect fit. One of the feeds is clean with good data in all rows. Another one has some rows that are placeholders and do not have data, so using an ODBC data source I can filter those out in a select statement. Is there any way to perform this filtering with the Folder data source? If know, how difficult is it to setup a map using the ODBC data source with the file management capabilities that is built in to the Folder data source? Thanks, Bill Brennan
Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

You cannot use an ODBC Data Source query with a folder data source.

One method you could use is to set the map where you are using the folder data source to export the data to a file.  

Then in a post map task call another map that uses an ODBC Data Source to read the file you just created and send the data to your final destination.

Bill Brennan replied 9 years ago

Thanks Lauren. I have a second map that I just tested moving the file with a task on success and failure, and that worked fine. The second map is ODBC. Is the main advantage of the folder data source that it can monitor a folder for the arrival of a source file? Can a regular ODBC map do that, or would using 2 maps be the only solution (as you describe in your answer)?


Lorren replied 9 years ago


Using an ODBC Data Source and the Folder Data Source are not available at the same time.

The advantage of using the folder data source is being able to have Smart Connect just pull any file that is in a particular folder where an ODBC data source points to a static file.

You can write .NET code in Tasks to move files on a Pre-Map task and then when the map is successful or fails which is what the Folder Data Source is doing automatically.


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