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Filter Parent data in Document Tasks by current document

Sergey asked 5 years ago
I wrote that recently in another thread on the forum. But it seems to me that it would be better to put it as a new feature request.
In current Smart Connect release (, when you run a map as a task under ‘Document tasks’ in another map and check the flag ‘Use data from parent map’, all parent map data is passed to a child map processing.  
It would be good to pass at this stage only that chunk of parent data that relates to a current document from parent map. This change will allow to split the processing of one document by several maps. Currently it makes no sense to use parent data in Document tasks because parent data is not filtered by the context of current document.
Thank you,
Sergey Aksenov
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 4 years ago
This has been added for consideration in a future release.
Sergey replied 4 years ago

Thanks Ethan, that would be a great help!

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