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Field on Journal Entry

Cindy Ventura asked 8 years ago
We have Extender, but we have not used it so I am not real familiar with what it can do. Can a field be added to a payables transaction and a general journal transaction to add a project code? If it can, would that field be able to be pulled up in a Smartlist or Excel worksheet? We have Smartlist Builder and Excel Builder. Thank you. Cindy
Best Answer
Nicole answered 8 years ago
You can certainly add an additional window to the Payables Transaction Entry window in GP that can track additional data against the transaction. It can track the Project Code and any other types of data you would like. Once you have the window setup in Extender and start entering data, that data can be pulled into SmartList or Excel using SmartList Builder/Excel Report Builder. You can also create SQL Views in Extender to pull it into other reporting applications such as SQL Server Reporting Services.

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