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Field does not show checked and cannot delete

Joseph Markovich asked 4 years ago
Running Extender 14.00.0085 on GP 2015 R2. Earlier this week I created an Extender window on the Sales Transaction History Zoom window with just a checkbox. The key fields are SOP Type and SOP Number.
When opening this window on one of the historical SOP documents today, the box I checked earlier in the week is not checked — but the information is still showing as checked (yes) in the view I also created.
I cannot delete the information in the Extender window either by clicking on the X in the left corner.
If I check the box again and hit Save, it creates a duplicate entry. I can’t delete this either.
The only thing that has changed on this machine is the name of the server in the ODBC connection.
What is going on and how can I fix this? I have opened other Extender windows and have been able to add/delete information with no issue.
Thank you.
Joseph Markovich answered 4 years ago
So I feel kind of silly now — I just happened to open the user manual for version 14.00.0318 and it says in version 14.00.0305 my problem was fixed.
Extender window linked on SOP Number and SOP Type doesn’t work
Is this the solution to my problem: upgrade Extender to latest version?
Thank you.
Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago


Otherwise you could remove SOP Type from your Extender Key Fields list – but then you’d have to know for sure you never have a duplicate SOP Number.

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