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Failure File’s Data Gets Moved

chadbruels asked 9 years ago

I am supporting a pre-existing map, meaning I didn't create it myself, which is using the Folder Data Source and a Text file type with a CSV file. When the application creates the "failure file" any column which was blank gets removed. So imagine the following in the source file:

"123 4th St","","New York"

If this row errors for some reason, the line gets changed to the following in the failure file:

123 4th St,New York

Note this has removed a blank places New York in the Addr2 column. What's up with that?

Also, why does it remove the quotes?

chadbruels replied 9 years ago

One correction. It is not the file in the Failure folder but the file attached to an email on the Failure Task that displays this behavior.

chadbruels replied 9 years ago

Forgive me multiple replies, I'm finding out more as I go.

It seems the issue is the xml data that is written to the ProcessErrors table. Tags are skipped for blank cells in the source file and so the Process Errors file attached to email is incorrect. I feel this should be considered a bug. How may I go about officially reporting this, please?

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