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Failure email not sent on scheduled map

rtevans asked 9 years ago
How can i troubleshoot a scheduled map that fails and is supposed to send e-mail.  The map ran as scheduled and failed.  We have a task on the map that says it should send an e-mail on failure.  Yet,no e-mail is received.  It is a valid mailbox and we have other maps that are not scheduled that send to it regularly. 
Chris replied 9 years ago

You can turn on debugging in the map using the Options tab of the map setup screen and turn on the scheduled logs from there as well. Also make sure that if that map is ran manually and fails that the task still runs as expected as there shouldn't be a difference between scheduled and manual map runs in terms of which tasks run from it. If it doesn't run manually then there is somethign else to check on the map around the setup or the tasks themselves.


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