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Failed to get data from multiple data sources

Tim asked 8 years ago
I have a map that uses a multi-data source that combines a CRM query with and ODBC query. When this is run from a particular computer it fails with the message ‘Failed to get data from multiple sources’ – this works fine for everyone else with the same permissions and I’m struggling to work it out. Is there a dependency/perquisite missing somewhere on the computer that is needed to use multi-data sources? E.g. does it use SQL native client to build the temporary table locally on the user’s machine to generate the multi data source?
Heddy replied 8 years ago

Have you found a resolution for this error? we are getting the same error message when using multi data source.


Tim replied 8 years ago

No not yet, the multi data sources work on some machines and this user is able to open the components of the multi data source separately and preview them, it’s just when previewing or using the overall multi data source.

Tim replied 8 years ago

Does anyone have any update on this?

Alyson Frost replied 6 years ago

I am having the same issue. The Map is scheduled, and runs (and is failing) throughout the day, and then, all of a sudden, it’s successful. It fails when running manually too, so it’s not the scheduler, but other CRM maps work without issue, so it seems connected to this type of map.

Stuart answered 3 years ago
I know this seems like a long-dead thread, but this is the only discussion on this issue I found and we figured our problem out here. Maybe it will help some future travelers.
We had five ODBC connections. One to Oracle and the other four to SQL Server. The previews worked individually but combined it gave the same error. We had to name our columns because we used a trim in our select. I know it should be qualified by the table name, but it wasn’t in our case.
ie. select trim(column) from table had to be changed to select trim(column) as name from table.

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