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Failed to Convert String to Date

klewis10367 asked 9 years ago
I have just upgraded to Smartconnect 2013 and Using the Excel 2013 add-in. Now when I run any map with a date field, I keep getting the Failed to Convert String to Date error. However, when I run the Map through the interface it succeeds. I have tried reformatting to all types of dates and even English(Australia) with no luck. When I look at the map errors the fields are being shown as numeric. Example 3/1/14 converts to 4164?
klewis10367 replied 9 years ago

This is the format that eone SC produces when you use the Get data function in the Excel addin:
2014-01-31T00:00:00-05:00, the question is, what type of format is this? I do not see it as an option and cant create a custom.

lorren replied 9 years ago

That date format is a UTC format which is typically used in XML files as it's a universal format that is not different by country.

You are saying that on your original used of the Excel Add-In it doesn't send the date correctly?  Is your destination Dynamics GP?  If so, change the destination to Dynamics GP – File and it will create an xml representation of the data that would be sent to GP.

You can send me that file at


klewis10367 replied 9 years ago

Any update on this? I had sent the requested files sometime in the past 2 weeks and have not heard anything since?

Best Answer
lorren answered 9 years ago

In testing this I have found an issue with the Add-In.  It's not pulling date columns correctly.

The work around is to put the single quote in front of the dates.  Change the column to a Text data type.  Remove the single quote from the date values and enter actual dates.  The add-in will treat them as strings and the map will integrate correctly.

klewis10367 replied 9 years ago

Thanks, I had already implemented the quote fix. Any idea if this glitch will be fixed?

lorren replied 9 years ago


It will be fixed but I'm not sure of a time frame yet.


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