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Failed to convert parameter value or Input String was not in a correct format.

John Ellis asked 7 years ago
A client was trying to load a new chart of accounts map, into a new database.  He only had 431 rows, yet, SmartConnect was trying to load 832 rows and was erroring out on each row with the error message, “Failed to convert parameter value or Input String was not in a correct format.”
I tried to mimic my own SmartConnect chart of account map that I have on my laptop, at that point, by putting in a translation for Posting Type and Typical Balance.  We were not able to try this result, though, as the client had to go off to a meeting.
Can you think of anything else to eliminate this issue?
Best Answer
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 7 years ago
1. If the rows are doubling then it would seem you have marked two Dynamics GP companies to send the data.
2. The best method for troubleshooting the message where you are not sending the right data type is to change the destination to Dynamics GP – File and look to see the value being sent in the XML and compare it to the requirements for eConnect for that field. If the source has a string and it requires an integer you will get something similar to that error.
John Ellis answered 7 years ago
The client just contacted me and told me that they changed the account numbers to a number value instead of string values and the accounts then imported into Dynamics GP.

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