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Failed To Convert Parameter Value From a String To Int16

Sunaina Sharma asked 8 years ago
Hi there, 

I am using SmartConnect to build SOP Invoice Integration, and I am getting below error when I run my MapId. I am not able to figure out the fix as it won't tell me what feild mapping is causing the problem?

" Failed to convert parameter value from string to an Int16"

Please advise!
Best Answer
Dusty answered 8 years ago
Do you know which parameter is giving the error?

Some of the columns from the lists have a text name, but actually uses an integer behind the scenes that it expects.  For example, when mapping to the column "Sales Document Type", passing in "Invoice" or any other text will be an error because it is expecting the number it uses behind the scenes.  For an invoice, it expects the number 3 to be passed in.

If you browse the eConnect Programmers guide, you can find which columns expect a number instead of a string.  Here is the documentation for the SOP header:

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