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Failed to convert parameter value from a String to a Int32

Manny asked 4 years ago
Manny replied 4 years ago

Sorry, hit enter and the question posted here. I’m working on an integration for AP transactions to GP. My source is an Excel file. I’m using a Key field called ReportID which breaks down my transaction appropriately. However, when I run the integration I get the error: Failed to convert parameter value from String to Int32. I tested using a different field for the Key field, for example… I added a column and manually keyed in a 1 for one set of records then 2 for another set of records. This broke up my records properly, but still got the error. I succeeds if I send it to GP XML, but errors when I send it to GP.

Manny replied 4 years ago

OK I found it. There was a field that was passing a non-integer. The tough part is that I didn’t see which field it was causing the issue. Had to carefully look at the source data and mappings.

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