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Failed to convert parameter value from a string to a decimal

Tracy Jo asked 5 years ago
Working with a MEM payable transaction import and getting this error:
Failed to convert parameter value from a string to a decimal
I have tried setting the purchase amt, debit ad credit fields to both number and accounting.  Using Excel 2013
It isn’t a regional settings issue. 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
Well, debit & credit fields (distributions) are a good guess since they are decimal and since we are given the error “string to a decimal”.
Best approach to any of these types of conversions is to switch the output to Dynamics GP – File.
This should export successfully.
Now look at every field that is mapped (yes, annoying).
You’d want to look at the SDK and verify the datatypes of the field mapped to what the datatype shows in the SDK.
if you see just numbers in a field, should be ok.  But if you see letters, verify the data you see there and what it is mapped to.
One of the fields is either:
1. characters into a field that you didn’t expect to take characters (the decimal)
2. possibly one field is HUGE like 2723634732923472349234234398 which even though is all “numbers” would overflow the decimal value.

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