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Failed to call WebService as Destination

DanishKazmi asked 10 years ago

I am trying to call webservice as destination of Map. This Map is linked with CRM Real Data source. When I make any update in crm. I am getting following error in event log. 

CRM: Error in WsDestinationBase. Map CRM Begin event. Could not load file or assembly 'eOne.SmartConnect.RemoteLoader' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

Please suggest.
kevin replied 10 years ago

This error occurs when running a map if the system either cannot find the eOne.SmartConnect.RemoteLoader.dll file, or the system has not referenced the file.

Following the steps below should rectify this issue:

If maps cannot be run from within SmartConnect then the issue is usually that the eOne.SmartConnect.RemoteLoader.dll file is not referenced. Run (re-run) SmartConnect system maintenance then check the ScriptNamespace table in the SmartConnect database on the MSSQL server. The table should contain a record for eOne.SmartConnect.RemoteLoader. If the record does not exist the run the following MSSQL command, maps should then run from within SmartConnect.

use SmartConnect
insert into ScriptNamespace(ScriptNamespaceId, AssemblyPath, IsSystem)
values ('eOne.SmartConnect.RemoteLoader','eOne.SmartConnect.RemoteLoader',1)

If maps still don't run from within SmartConnect ensure that the version of SmartConnect is the same as the database version of SmartConnect (select ScUpgradeVersion from Setup) If the version number is different from the version number in help about within SmartConnect then upgrade the SmarConnect client.

If maps can be run from within SmartConnect then the issue is with the web service installation. Check the directory where the web service is installed. (usually c:program fileseone solutionswww) Check the bin directory within the web service directory. It should contain eOne.SmartConnect.RemoteLoader.dll and eOne.SmartConnect.Scripting.dll as well as other files. If either of these files are missing the web service has probably not been upgraded to the same version as SmartConnect, uninstall and re-install the web service. If the files are still missing, copy them across from the SmartConnect directory. (usually c:program fileseone solutionssmartconnect)




Danish Kazmi replied 10 years ago

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for detailed response. I can run map within smartconnect. I get this error when I try to run it from CRM or even through smartconnect webservice http://cf-vm-dkazmi:5556/SmartConnect/SmartConnect.asmx using RunMap method.

I have verfied all dlls exists in bin directory. Even I looked at w3wp process and It shows that eOne.SmartConnect.RemoteLoader.dll is loaded. but some how it is still throwing same exception.

Any other suggestions? I really appreciate your help.


Best Answer
Ruaan Jonker answered 10 years ago
Hi Danish

We verified this as an issue in one of the previous installers.
Can you please download and install the latest version of SmartConnect and try this again.

Please let me know if this then resolves your problem.


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