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Failed Bank Transactions – Multiple Files

Trent asked 6 years ago
We normally put in 40 exported files(different companies in GP) into a folder with a weeks worth of GL data on each file.  If all of the files equal for each day and no day is 0, then the files all process as they should.  Our issue is when one file (or multiple) have a difference with the Debit =! Credit for one day of one file.  If each file has dates 1-1-16 through 1-7-16 on them, and the date 1-3-16 fails for one of the 40 files, the smart connect will fail, but will first already have imported ALL days prior to the error date from ALL files.  To remedy the issue, we have to manually fix the file with the error, and delete all of the days that DID import from ALL 40 files.  (to avoid duplicate entries).  Then the map is ran again with fingers crossed.
I believe on a prior version or different settings, smartconnect was able to skip ONLY the date in question from the file in question and continue to run every other transaction.  Allowing us to go back and fix one day and process it by itself.  
My question is, Was this a change that was in the newer version that prevents this now? (we are currently on  Or is this simply a check box that I am missing to be checked to allow it to continue to process after error has been thrown.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
SmartConnect uses your Key Field in the data source to determine what a “document” is.
And so if you have a bunch of files (assuming folder data source here then) with info in them, it would collect all that data and collate it by the Key Field.  In this case, I would think something like TRX Date.
Now for sure if one of the documents has an error, that specific document will fail (and be rolled back) but the other “documents” (journals in this case) would be unaffected and would either succeed or fail.  But the integration wouldn’t stop.
The other possibility I can think of is that you chose a bad key field and so you are ending up with just one journal entry.  And so if you have an error the entire thing would fail.  But that doesn’t seem like what you are saying as you note you are deleting the other transactions and then restart.
The only exception to that is if you had some kind of ‘after document’ script in which you then choose Quit and so SC would then stop the integration.

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