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Extract a list of SmartList items with associated favorites

asked 4 months ago

I am new to this environment & community, so I am not sure if I am posting this under the correct Product.

We using GP 2018 v18.5.1635

Is there a SQL query that can provide a list of all SmartList menu items and their subsequent menu favorites for each item? 

Is there also a way to show the associated columns and search criteria?

I know I can use SmartList Tracker (but don’t know how to get that list to excel) to see when something was last used but that doesn’t show me all the history only for the past 2 years.

I am trying to create an excel list that I can send to our finance that asks whether they use them or not.

Thanks, Mac

Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 weeks ago


The SmartList Tracking window has been enhanced in the 18.5.054 version of SLB that was recently released.  It shows ALL the favorites and then tracking information that was captured since the feature was implemented.

So you wouldn’t have tracking info for like 4 years ago since it didn’t exist – so back to whenever you installed the version of SLB that captured the run information. It now also lets you export the list to excel. It does NOT show you the associated columns and search criteria.


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