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Extra Notes Window Permissions

PdT asked 9 years ago
I have created an Extender form with an Extra Window for a Note List.  I have given access through security to the form to one of our users and he can access everything fine.  However, when he tries to add a note, it gives him the “You don’t have security privileges to open this window” error.  I don’t see any way to give him access other than giving access via the Form to which the extra window belongs.  How can I solve this problem?  We are on GP2010.
Nicole Albertson replied 9 years ago

From the sounds of the error, it appears that the user may not have access to one of the Extender Windows.  This would be tha actual window it is using to build the note window, not the resource itself.  If you look in the Tasks, under the product of Extender and the Type of Windows, there is operations under the Series of System, Project, and 3rd Party.  These are used to access the base window that is generated with the fields setup on the resource in Extender.  I would look first at ones like Window1, Add Note, and Copy Notes in the System series.

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