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External Smartview – change external smartview user password

Nancy Cohen asked 4 years ago
Hi, we wanted to change the password for an External Smartview user, I tried in the External Smartview user setup screen by just retyping the new password, I see the updated password in the table but when logging on to External Smartview with the new password we get ‘Invalid’ password message, then change it back to what it was before and it works. Would I need to change the SQL user password as well to accomplish this?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
This is an issue with previous builds of SmartView in this window it would create the user fine but then it wouldn’t actually change the SQL password in SQL itself.  It changes it in the table – but not in SQL itself. 
You would have to go to SSMS and manually change the password there.
In newer versions of SV 2016 and 2018, this has been resolved and the SV External Users window will:
1. update the user pwd in SQL correct
2. encrypt the SV user password in the SV10000 table
3. encrypt the SV user password at the SQL level (kind of like GP does it but not using the same encrypt algorithm)
Nancy Cohen replied 4 years ago

Ok thanks

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