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External map execution

Brian asked 8 years ago
What options exist to execute a non-scheduled map outside of Smartconnect?
Lorren replied 8 years ago


You can call the Smart Connect Web Service and provide the name of the map.  
You can call the Smart Connect Web Service and pass the map name and the data to be integrated.
You can use the Smart Connect Excel Add-In or depending on the data, you could use one of the Excel Template we have on our web site and submit the data directly from Excel.
There is also an executable eOne.SmartConnect.RunMapConsole.exe that could be executed directly.


Brian replied 8 years ago

Thanks Lorren.  Is there any documentation on the use of the console.exe, i.e. syntax, examples?

Best Answer
Lorren answered 8 years ago

Here is a link to the KB article that shows the syntax

Basically, you provide the map name.

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followers answered 1 month ago

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