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External Lookup Map

Paul asked 5 years ago
Is it possible to create a map that *just* performs a lookup in an external system? For example, I am trying to look up the CRM ID of a record based on non-key criteria. However, if I map to and from my source data, then I don’t seem to have access to the CRM lookup functionality and I don’t think I can create a map that just does a lookup without actually creating in CRM (e.g. to run as a sub-map and then set a global variable or something). I can imagine this same type of scenario might also occur with a general REST-based web service. I can’t do a SQL lookup because I don’t have access to the CRM database.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
Hmmm. I see what you mean.
The calculations that you get are 100% dependent on your destination.  So in this case we cannot do a CRM Lookup unless our destination is CRM.
So we’re kind stuck there.
So if you need CRM data from a destination that isn’t CRM – the couple things I can think of are:
1. use a multidatasource map. your source data and then do a CRM query and then join them together to pull in the CRM data as part of the original query
2. Use a CRM destination anyway.  But then on the “before document” task, you could set to fail and then cancel processing or quit depending on if you need to see the error or not.  Then again depending on your needs, you could use an “after document fail” task to do something.  So it never was sent to CRM due to this task. 

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