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Extender Window name showing up twice on "Additional" button of GP PO Entry screen

Eugene asked 4 years ago
I am using GP 2018 and Extender 18.
I have extender solution shared between multiple companies on the same GP instance. Solution includes multiple windows one of which is for PO Entry screen (to be exact – Product: GP Series: Purchasing Form: Purchase Order Entry  Window: Line_Scroll)
For some reason when I open PO Entry screen in company A and click “Additional” button – I see my extender window as normal, can open and operate it just fine.
However, if I switch to company B, havigate to PO Entry screen and click “Additional” button – I see my extender window showing up twice, as two separate menu options.
Unfortunately there is no way for me here to attach screenshots here.
Also, in company B, when I try to populate the data, I see that FieldIDs of my “duplicated window” instances are distinct from each other, i.e. I have only 2 fields on my window, so i have 4 distinct FieldIDs in total…. This is very strange.
Please advise what can I check and why this may be happening….
Thank you!
Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago

Extender windows are “per company”. So in Company A you have your PO Extender window. And in Company B, you must have created two Extender PO windows. That’s why you get the menu item twice (because you gave it the same name) and that’s why you see it listed twice on the import. Different Extender ID’s (which you don’t typically see) but the same name you gave it.

you can see your windows in SQL by querying

select TWO..EXT20100

and see the ids and names you’ve given them (fix the db of course)

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