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Extender Window missing

Mhuff asked 8 years ago
I imported an extender window from my dev to production environments. 

The window works fine. I can access it from the GP window, but it does not show up in the Extender window. 

I dont see any "maintenance" routine I can use to look at this.

Any suggestions? 
Nicole replied 8 years ago

What version of GP is this being used on?

If it is GP 2013, please check the following.

I am assuming that if you run the script below, you see the Window ID in the results since the window does work.

select Extender_Window_ID, Extender_Window_Name from EXT20100

My guess is that it doesn’t exist in the script below, is that correct?

select b.Extender_Solution_Name, a.Extender_Solution_ID, a.Extender_Type, a.Extender_ID from EXT21010 a, EXT21000 b where a.Extender_Solution_ID=b.Extender_Solution_ID

If it doesn’t exist in the second script, it is not assigned to a Solution and is somewhat “stranded” in the tables, but is still there enough to work.

mhuff replied 8 years ago

It shows up in both scripts. 

It, however, does not show up as Extender_Type 1, only Extender_Type 8  in EXT21010, where the other three windows do appear with both types. 

Nicole replied 8 years ago

The Extender_Type of 1 is the Window. The type of 8 is a View. So, if it isn’t showing as 1, that is why you aren’t seeing it in the Extender Solution. You can try inserting the record for it using something like the following. Just change the X the ID from the EXT20100 and the Name to the Window ID. Also make sure you have a backup of the databases first.

insert into EXT21010 values (X, 1, ‘NAME’)

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