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extender window linked to wrong GP window

Brian asked 5 years ago
Environment – GP 2010 11.00.1860 (SP2) / Binary Stream MEM
We had an extender window associated with cash receipts entry that was working fine.  After creating a new extender window for bank transactions the auto open cash receipts window stopped working.  The auto open for the bank transaction window also did not work.  We deleted the bank transaction window.  The cash receipt window will still not open automatically.  When entering bank transactions we now receive a message that not all required fields have been entered which is the same message we would have previously received if the required fields for the cash receipts window had not been entered.  It appears that the cash receipts window is somehow linked to the bank transaction entry.  The extender field data is still being inserted into the tables successfully using the correct PT_Window_ID.  Any suggestions on how to correct this so the window opens as defined?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
Brian, I’m not sure how Extender would be getting confused between the windows. As you create windows, there is an internal table that keeps track of the ID’s for each window and then the AutoOpen triggers. So to get what you are seeing, it would have to be somehow that they are getting written on top of each other somehow. I wouldn’t think that should be possible nor can I recall seeing a case like this previously. If you exit GP and come back into the company, I think you’d be ok even with a second new window created. But if not, get everyone out of GP. Then look in the EXT80100 table (system db) this is a table that keeps track of the auto open triggers and maybe stuff is being cleared at one time and causing this odd issue. with everyone out, you can delete all the records in the table and then re-try your test. if that doesn’t work, then we’d have to ask you to open a support case to look at it more closely.
Brian replied 5 years ago

Thanks Patrick. I appreciate the feedback. I was able to restore the auto open functionality to the cash receipts window.

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