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eXtender Window linked to Item not populating in GP2015 R2 when using the Item Copy feature on the Item Maintenance Card

Maria asked 6 years ago
Hi There,
We recently migrated from GP10 to GP2015 R2.
We have an eXtender Window linked to the Item Maintenance Card that allows for some additional information related to the item.
In GP10, if we created a new item based on an existing item (using the Item Copy option on the Item Card), the eXtender window would also copy over to the new item. This is good.
In GP2015 R2, this no longer happens.
I’m not sure if the feature has to be enabled, or the functionality was removed?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 6 years ago
I just tested this out when creating a new item in GP 2015 R2 and the Extender data copied just fine to the new item.  I have my Extender window setup on the Item Maintenance and it is using Item Number as the key field.  There isn’t anything you should have to enable.   
The first thing I would look at is the version of Extender you have installed.  If you are using GP 2015 R2, we would recommend 14.00.0305 as that is our latest build that is compatible.
The second thing is, are you doing using a different key on your window that I should be testing with?  It is possible we changed it between 2010 and 2013 and how the key works for the copy.
Maria replied 6 years ago

Thank you Nicole,
I got some help from Patrick on Friday and we just tested his suggestion, and it looks like we’re back in business.
We had to update the special_case_number value to 6 in EXT20100 table for the specific eXtender window record (although we’re not sure why it was not correct to begin with).
Thanks again, to you and Patrick for your help.
I have also posted an update to GPUG.
Very best regards,

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