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Extender Window Data was deleted after successfully MAP runs

Atul Patel asked 3 years ago
I have created MAP to create MIT along with Extender Window Fields. MAP is working fine. Most of the time when i run this MAP,  MIT is created and extender window data are populated with data but for few MIT (e.g 2 out of 50), extender window data was deleted after successfully running of MAP. To identity this problem, i have added trigger (Insert/Delete) on EXT01100 table to audit. Somehow only Insert trigger was fired but not deleted. 
How can I resolve this issue?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 3 years ago
I would guess there was an error in your integration.  If that happens, the SQL Transaction would be rolled back leaving the record missing and no “delete” would be fired.
However, if that happened, I’m not sure how you would have logged the Audit and be able to tell that it happened.  Since if you wrote to a “tracking/audit” table – that record would have been removed as well.
But if the record was inserted into the EXT01100 table, there wouldn’t be anything native in Extender that would remove it (especially w/o seeing the delete audit running).

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