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Extender window – adding new fields, existing fields appear blank

Brenda Niblo asked 8 years ago
our client recently implemented Extender. they have a window related to their customer master record that holds and additional e-mail address. they recently added a couple more fields to this window to hold some additional e-mail addresses. when they open the Extender window now, the original e-mail address field “appears” that it is blank. however, when looking at the tables or viewing a smartlist that they built to show this new Extender data, the data is still there and appears to be in tact, it just is appearing blank in the actual Extender window.
Best Answer
patrick answered 8 years ago
Brenda, I was unable to replicate this on my Extender 12.0.102. My only thought is that the user “moved” the field by removing it and then recreating it again (same position or different wouldn’t matter). In that case, the Field ID gets switched and so extender wouldn’t be able to connect to the data that is still in the table. However the SmartList might still work if it uses an old view that was generated with the old FieldID. Easy way to test this theory is to make a new GP record and add extender data to it. look in the table at the field id for that data and compare it to the previous data. if the field ID matches, then we’d have to investigate further. if it is different, then what I speculated above must have happened. patrick

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