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Extender + Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP

Chad asked 8 years ago
Can Extender Windows be programmed against using Visual Studio tools for Dynamics GP?  Does anyone know if there are any documentation resources or blog examples where people have done this?
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patrick answered 8 years ago
As a Dexterity based application, yes of course you can use vstools with an Extender window/form.  It is a bit trickier since there are multiple forms and of course each Extender window is re-used for each Extender Window that you create. So that makes it more interesting than a typical GP window.
There isn’t any specific documentation on this process but as I note, there isn’t anything special about the dexterity form vs any other application.  I haven’t heard of anyone doing this other than myself a project or two that I’ve worked on.
Chad replied 8 years ago

Patrick, Do you have any code samples that show how to get a reference to the Extender window object? When I say window object, I’m referring to the Dexterity window that gets created when you open an Extender Form or Window. I can’t seem to figure out the initial reference. I think once I get that I could move on from there.

I’m not a dex programmer, so I was hopping to do some “logic” based stuff in C#.

patrick replied 8 years ago

The best place to look is the vstools developer guide and refer to the samples EstimateFreight and the Lookups sample. They refer to the GP windows – you’d do the same thing in your code in the Extender windows.

Big difference is that you’d have to use the dag.exe to generate the application.extender.dll initially. But from there it is the same.

As far as references to the assembly, it is the same then as GP.

Using statement to make it easy:
using Microsoft.Dexterity.Applications.ExtenderDictionary;

a static reference to my extender form.
public static ExtDetailForm1Form pt1 = Extender.Forms.ExtDetailForm1;

and then in my code:

if (!(GPAddIn.pt1.UserDefinedForm.ExtenderFormId.Value == “ATF_MAIN”))
string sFormID = GPAddIn.pt1.UserDefinedForm.UdFormFieldId.Value;


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