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Extender Upgrade GP2010 to 2015 – Error: The following table have duplicated fields

Martin asked 5 years ago
I’m migrating my client Dynamics GP version from GP10 to GP2018. I migrated from GP10 to GP2010 and then from GP2010 to GP2015, for later migrate GP from 2015 to 2018. I installed Extender version 2015 and I’m trying to upgrade extender. When I run the Extender upgrade from GP I receive the following error:
The following table(s) have duplicate keys:  EXT00100 EXT00185
Please refer to the Extender manual’s steps on how to resolve the duplicate keys.  If they are not resolved, the upgrade may not complete and there may be data that does not come through the upgrade process.   We will stop the upgrade. Please resolve these issues and restart the upgrade.
Beat answered 3 years ago
This is still a big issue when  upgrading from a version lower than 2013 .. 
I’ve been caught with problems of duplicate keys and blank fields in EXT00100 & EXT00185.. 
eOne support has a SQL Script to analyze the tables and generate UPDATE & INSERT scripts for the faulty data.. but it’s a real PITA. Spent hours on this to fix them. You cannot upgrade the Extender Solutions before fixing all of this.

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