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Extender Upgrade From GP 2010 asked 10 years ago
I am facing an issue when upgrading Extender from previous version to current. Our GP environment is now upgraded to 2013. Installed new Extender and when opening GP, we get the following error message:

[quote=]A product installed on your computer is on a different version than the database version. You will not be able to use the application until this issue is resolved. Use the GP_LoginErrors.log file in your temp directory to assist in resolving this issue.[/quote]

Upon checking the above mentioned file, following is the content:

[quote=]Product Name: Extender     Database Version: 11046     Client Version: 12036[/quote]

I would like to know if there is anything that needs to be done as part of Extender upgrade.

Best Answer
Nicole answered 10 years ago

Installing Extender 2013 on Microsoft Dynamics GP requires that the Microsoft Dynamics GP version 12.00.1343 or higher.  This version is available in the January 2013 Hotfix (KB2799678) release for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. 

Please verify that you have this version installed and then see if you are able to launch GP 2013 and update Extender to 2013.  You can find the installation Prerequisites and Update steps in the Extender 2013 Manual at the following URL.

Nicole replied 10 years ago

I guess, that's the issue. I was trying to upgrade on GP 2013 RTM. I am still on test environment, so I can correct this on production.

Thank you for the guidance.

Vaidy replied 10 years ago

About this same topic. Do I need to generate a new keys for Extender in GP 2013. What is the procedure to do this? replied 10 years ago


We are Microsoft Partners and we have a customer interested in moving from GP 2010 to GP 2013. This customer had license Extender with Microsoft list price.

Could you please help me in order to understand the steps in order to move this module (Extender) into the newest version of GP?

Do I have to remove it (Extender) from the customer license in Microsoft Partner Portal?

I would appreciate any help in this topic.


Israel Hernandez

Nicole Albertson replied 10 years ago


We can certianly help with getting the 2013 Registration keys and making sure everything is correct on the licensing side.  I would recommend that you e-mail our Sales team at and they will work with you to ensure that everything is correct for this customer to move forward to Extender on 2013.

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