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Extender Questions

JosephMarkovich asked 10 years ago
I am working on a project to store and report on the instructions our customers send to us for shipping their product.  These are based on the address IDs set up in GP and on weight thresholds.  Example: 1-150 lbs, ship UPS; 151-infinity ship Truck.  We are using Extender standard — can this be done to have some kind of form be able to have multiple ship weight entries AND links to multiple address IDs these instructions are for?  Thanks.  -Joe
Best Answer
Nicole answered 10 years ago
Without knowing all the details of what needs to happen and how it is to be displayed, but based on what you gave as an example, I am going to say Yes.  Extender Standard can set values based on other fields on the Extender Window/Form.  If it is more complex than it seems based on the example, Extender Enterprise would be able to handle it.  If we need to look more at the project to understand which of the two is needed for the project, we can certainly look into that as well.  Or we can help with the design of the Extender setup through a service if you need.
JosephMarkovich replied 10 years ago

Hi Nicole, thanks for the reply.  What I think I am trying to do is have two detail windows (or forms?) so there can be like a one-to-many relationship.  One detail window to store each entry of the weight range (1 to 50, 51 to 1000, etc) and then a second detail window that would let the user look up all of the address IDs for the customer this form or window is linked to and select one or many address IDs this information applies to.  Does this make sense?  Thank you.  -Joe

Nicole answered 10 years ago
This does make some sense.  To pull data back and forth between windows, unless it is a lookup, you are probably going to need Extender Enterprise.  If you want to talk about it further, you can give us a call at 888-319-3663 and we can talk it through in more detail to understand which option they would need.

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