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Extender needs to finish installation – migrating from GP2013 to GP2018

Hoi Fook asked 4 years ago
we are migrating some of the GP companies from GP2015 to GP2018 on a new server.
meaning, some company DB are not migrated and are still on GP2015 on the old server.
the DYNAMICS db was migrated to GP2018, meaning in GP2018, the number of company list is the same as GP2015 but not all company (DB) are migrated over.
we then upgrade Extender to Extender 2018.
now, when login to GP2018, we received Extender not finishing installation message and Extender cannot be used…
what should we do? (we are not able to migrate all company from GP2015 to GP2018 yet)…
Hoi Fook answered 4 years ago
I probably know where the problem is…
we are actually moving from GP2010 to GP2015 then to GP2018
after upgrading to GP2015, we missed step to upgrade Extender (Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Extender >> Maintenance >> Upgrade Extender), and we upgrade straight to GP2018.
now in GP2018, how can we still upgrade Extender?

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