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Extender Lookup against a view

karetess asked 8 years ago
We are at GP 2010 using Extender Enterprise.  Has anyone figured out a way to have a Lookup that uses a database view or goes against more than one table?  CSM Service Orders are moved out of the active table into a history table when they are completed.  I have an Extender Window that needs to be able to look up open and closed Service Orders for an "Originating Service Order" field.  I haven't figured out a way around this other than to not validate the field and make the users type in the 15-char service order number every time which would not make them happy.  Any help is appreciated.
Best Answer
Nicole answered 8 years ago
Lookups can only be done against single tables and they have to be GP tables. I have entered a product request to have it be done against multiple tables at once. So hopefully we can add this to a future release.

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